Given the prolonged period of gold and jewelry industry, traceable to the ancient Iran, and the intention to promote both quantitative and qualitative levels of the productions of this industry, Pars Alton Company establish its main aim to provide artificers and artisans in the gold and jewelry field with standardized raw material.

Furthermore, supplying bullion bars to investors figure high on company list of priorities.

So that those who can benefit the services proffered by the company comprise:

Artificers and artists
Banks and credit institutions
Investment and Capital formation
Supplying the standardized raw materials such as bullion bars, wires and strings, bands with the required purity.
Regarding the low volume and high value of onion of the capital of the banks and credit institutions are stored in gold bullions; Pars Alton has the required ability to provide standardized gold bullions required by the aforementioned institutions in a range of 1-1000 grams with the alloy of 999 and 995;
A portion of money paid to acquire the gold is the cost of manufacturing and minting the industrial products created out of gold. Compared with the ornaments and gold coins to which a relatively high expense should be allocated, the cost to make bullions is very low. Hence, those people whose aim to form capitals by purchasing gold, buying bullions, due to the low deductible cost per bullion at the time of selling it, there is a lot of advantage in buying bullions over other types of gold.
On the other hand, since the productions of Pars Alton are offered in various weights ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, the potentialities to invest their money exist for any person from any class of the society with any budget.