One of the main problems Gold and Jewelry industry facing in the preceding years was lack of high purity and standard bullion bars. In addition, converting old gold products to the pure bullion bars was indeed difficult. As a result, the craftsmen were obliged to consume the low purity bullion bars smuggled into the country as a raw material. In order to improve the industry and deal with the problems Meraat International Group decided to consult with experts for lunching and running a well- equipped Gold Factory.

Consequently, after 6 long years of studying and evaluating the issue Pars Alton Company was founded to refine gold to the purist point. To be able to manufacture precious gold products we import the latest machineries from pioneer companies such as Italian ones.

Later on, skilled Italian experts arrived to set up the instruments, and the first gold refinery factory of Iran in the trade name of Pars Alton began in summer of 2010.